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Luxurious. Seamless. Lightweight.

A perfectly blended Hand Tied Extension


Why Sew-In?

Hand Tied Extensions are the hottest, fastest, and least damaging method on the extension market today.

Installation is fast, with equally fast removal. The process involves sewing multiple pieces of hair together and attaching the row to the head using a bead and string. This method uses absolutely no heat, tape, or glue. 



What is the process like?

The experience begins when you fill out the pre-consultation form linked at the top of this page. 

After determining that extensions are right for you, we will meet in person for a consultation and discuss your lifestyle, maintenance, and hair extension goals. 

We will then custom match your color to the hair using multiple wefts to create a beautiful, seamless blend. 

Next comes install, with 2 rows being average. 

Finally, we will cut your new hair to blend with your natural hair, and finish off with a mini-tutorial on how to style your new locks. 

How often do I need to come back?

Move-ups are required every 4-6 weeks depending on texture, speed of hair growth, and home care.

Maintenance appointments are generally about 30-45 mins. 

With proper care, your new hair can be expected to last about 9-12 months. 


Ready to see if hand tied extensions are right for you?


Thank you for your interest in hand tied extensions.

In order to book a hand tied extension install appointment, a Consultation is REQUIRED

The first appointment includes:
- 100% human hair extensions
- Customized color for blend on extensions if needed
- Installation of extensions
- Cut to blend hair
- Style

The initial appointment will range from $300-$1500, depending on hair color, length and amount needed to reach your desired result.

The total price is narrowed down during consultation. This is based on where your hair is currently and what is needed to get your flawless look.

Your extensions require adjustments every 6-8 weeks.

Maintenance appointments are a bundled price which includes:
- Removal or move up of extensions
- Reinstallation of extensions every 6 months

(Maintenance appointments do not include a shampoo+blow dry, please come with clean, dry hair)

Maintenance: $75-300

*cost estimate does not include color of natural hair.

Extension hair must be replaced every 9-12 months with new hair. Please note, the longevity of hair varies person to person and is dependent on how well you take care of them. Suggested at-home products are required. You may choose to replace a few pieces every other appointment instead of full investment of all new hair.

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